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Finally Spring is here! Our lake actually is still frozen and we can continue ice fishing with residents. What amazing activities this home has, very unique. We are looking forward to having our camp fires under the trees soon...there are marshmellows just awaiting. We have had a fantastic year and have added 3 new residents this past few months. We have never had 14 residents before, but what a wonderful addition. Bob and I love to watch how this group of people care for one another and all enjoy the fact that they chose to come live here. Sadly, we experienced the loss of a couple of great people this past year. Our hearts go out to their families, but we are so pleased that they let us help their loved ones enjoy assisted "LIVING" for as long as possible.

Some of our staff have been here for years and some are new to us, both bring such a richness to the Austin Home. We are all looking forward to the gardens and whatever this year will be bringing to the wonderful home. Here's to warmer weather for all! Bob and Bobbi

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