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what a great year!

As I look back over this past year, I realize what a unique community we have at this home. We have had 12 residents thoughout the year. We had one person leave to get his own place and be more independent. We have had a new person move in. That is amazing....people here really have the opportunity to get to know each other. Residents have long term stay for several reasons. 1. They are happy 2. They are healthy and 3. They have the choice to live here. There is 7 men and 5 women....who ever heard of such a thing in an Assisted Living Home?

This year we have made some wonderful improvements to the home that bring better quality of life for our folks. A second laundry room was created inorder that there would no longer be a need to carry baskets up and down the stairs. More residents are taking advantage of taking care of their own laundry! That's a good thing for keeping residents engaged in helping themselve out. Also, we installed WIFI through out the home. Now reaidents are discovering what computors can do for their communication with family adn friends as well as games and educational fun.

As we look forward to snow time, we have a need for volunteers to help with ice fishing- we have a portable Bob-House. Also, anyone that has snow shoes that they no longer use...they are great for mobility. With a couple of ski poles and spikes in the ground our folks can have a lot of safe fun. Please come by. We alway welcome visitors. If you have some time to share, we have lots of games and Karioke, WII and other entertainment to pass the time with some beautiful people.

Thanks for your interest in the Austin Home. Bob and Bobbi Couch and our wonderful staff (that do much more than anyone will ever know)

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